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Mariposa Magic Musings: Poetry Volume I
a book of poems by jaclyn ann mahoney

Diving deep into an intentional journey of igniting self love in my very own shadow brought me a year of poems divinely channeled to bring healing to my soul and, now, to share with you. Includes 55 personal poems alongside 23 original photos.

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((2015 onward))
.all words and images on this site are by me.


Maybe it is love
But we don't fall into it. 
Maybe we rise up to it. 
Through the levels of fear
And hurt and not knowing
Not up to something new
But back to a connection 
A vibe
A love
That was always there
From which we had fallen
From which we had turned
Until we remembered. 
And tuned in
And aligned
And loved.

The rings on the tree
Like lines on my palm
Tell storylines forgotten,
Plots unexpected,
Grooves that become familiar,
Wounds and scars 
That merge and seep
From one year into the next.
Still, we EXPAND, 
And RISE, 
Through each season 
Again and again and again—


Climb the ladder,
Reach new heights;
Back step—
1 •2 •3•
And up we go, it’s ALL fair game; 
We learn •we know •we grow. 
Hold the vibration,
Reach so high!
And stand so proud and true;
It’s ascension friends,
I’ll meet you there,
Where we leave the old for new.

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