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* Intuitive Readings  * Mediumship Sessions * Spiritual Response Technique (SRT) *


Let me journey with you as you navigate and explore the tuggings of your own soul!

My personal experiences with love, loss & grief, recovery, awakenings, bliss, relationships, purpose, ascension, and growing to honor my intuition and strengthen my connection to my Higher Powers have led me here and

 To You.

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Healing Powers

Although I always had intuitive guidance and encounters with other realms, it wasn’t until I found myself entering a vibration of unconditional love, and the concurrent journey of unpacking a buried treasure chest of wounds deep within my soul, that I could no longer look away from the calling to explore my own intuitive and energetic gifts and begin building on these skills to share my support with people like you~

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Happy to meet you

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The reading from Jaclyn was pivotal for me. I felt like the timing was perfect and addressed some things I had been struggling with for many years. After the reading I felt so loved, I felt a renewed confidence for my path and a sense of peace. Jaclyn's love and compassion shines through when she shares and it’s easy to be open with her. I can’t wait for my next reading.



Pink sunrise, cotton candy sky

Birth a new chapter

Of this lingering life.

Hair is getting longer,

And time shows on the face

Treasures deeply hidden

Emerge here in this place.

Breathe this breath well earned,

And smile away the tears

But walk the path we’re meant to go

It’s the one that’s laced with fears.

Cotton candy sunrise

Early morning delight

Awaken from the slumber that started

Before the sleep last night.

The time is now to rise

To the life we’re meant to live,

Where pink clouds lace with gray and blue

And love seeps thru like a sieve.

Where stories fears and patterns

Transmute release and fly

To cotton candy landscapes

Across a morning sky.

All images and writings by Jaclyn Ann Mahoney

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